Client Spotlight: SA PA Vietnamese Kitchen

Ky Nguyen, owner of the popular downtown lunch spot SA PA Vietnamese Kitchen, has this advice for other wannabe food entrepreneurs: make sure you have a strong team behind you. When he opened his business in 2012 he made outsourcing the accounting part of the plan. With a growing business including a food truck, brick-and-mortar location, and catering services he was going to have his hands very very full.

One of the first things that Tristan CPA did was to help reorganize the categories that SA PA was using for their financial statements, including their Profit & Loss account. This helped Ky get the most accurate and up to date information so he could make critical business decisions along the way. He says: “It’s good to have another person to talk over all of the financial information with. And Tristan is great, because he gets the business.”

Running a restaurant is a tough business, one where profit margins often run very tight. With a strong staff behind him, and consistent and reliable accounting from Tristan CPA, Ky says that he is proud to see SA PA turning a profit that supports the growth of his employees and business. He enjoys seeing happy customers devouring his carefully crafted egg-rolls, banh mi, pho, and savory bowls, knowing that he’s got “a good numbers guy” on his side that lets him focus on the food and his customers.

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92 Bedford Street. Boston, MA 02111